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Puppy Agreement!

There is nothing more important to our family then ensuring the best for our puppies and so we make an agreement with each buyer and family that our puppies go to.

If there are any questions on it, please feel free to contact me. 

Upon Putting a Deposit You Will be Asked to Sign This Agreement Please Read it Carefully.

 Puppy Agreement Form

Sale Price: $2,000.00   Deposit: $500.00    Balance due at 6 weeks old: $1,500.00

Air shipping and carrier charges if applicable: ___________. To be paid by BUYER. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  The purpose of this deposit is to assure the buyer that the puppy of his/her choice is no longer made available to other buyers. Placing a deposit implies sale. Buyers are encouraged not to sign a contract if they are not certain they want the puppy.  

This English Labradoodle is sold as a pet, to be cared for in the Purchaser’s home and given frequent kind human attention.  

The dog/puppy goes home with a Florida Health Certificate, Micro Chip Registration and immunizations (Per Florida requirements) with the exception of Rabies. Laws may apply differently in each state for vaccines and rabies age and type. Please make sure you know when you are required to give it to your puppy. New owners are required to have their own veterinarian confirm the puppy’s good health within three days after the dog/puppy goes home. Buyers should return any puppy if their veterinarian states in writing that the animal has a serious health problem(Unless they got a disease outside the breeder) Upon return and examination by the breeder’s veterinarian, the buyer may decide to exchange the puppy for another puppy if both parties agree, or the breeder will refund the purchase price, less the deposit, within thirty days of the puppy’s return.

The purchaser(s) further agrees under no circumstances will the dog be abandoned, given or sold to a shelter, pound, a pet store, laboratory or research facility of any kind, without first giving the Breeder the right to re-home the dog.     

At the time of delivery, the dog/puppy is guaranteed to be negative and free from viral and bacterial diseases, fungus infections, and internal parasites.  

It is the intent of the Breeder and the Purchaser(s) that this agreement shall constitute a legally binding contract, representing the entire agreement between the parties. Neither party shall have the right to modify it except by mutual agreement in writing. Cost of shipping and carrier’s are buyer’s responsibility and to be paid in advance. Other than those listed, no promises are made concerning this dog/puppy. By signing this agreement the Purchaser(s) acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, agrees to and has received a copy of this agreement. The contract must be signed and dated by both parties listed below or the contract/agreement will be void.