Available Puppies

Purple Girl

The calmest and sweetest puppy. She loves kids, she loves to cuddle and be carried around. She is remarkably sweet and loving. 

Pink Girl

Were you looking for a puppy full of adventure? This is your girl! She is always into something. She is miss personality and so fun.

Light Blue Boy

This boy is truly sweet. He loves to be with people. He loves to follow you around and would be an excellent service dog. 

White Boy

Do you need a cuddle buddy? Hes your guy He is sweet, quiet and loving. He will be the perfect farmers market companion and Netflix and chill.

Orange Boy

Are you an active person? This is the perfect puppy. He is up for anything! He loves to run, play and go for a car ride. Super fun and lots of personality.

Blue Boy

We call him Romeo, he's quite the charmer. He is sweet and gives tons of kisses. He loves people and company. He is a wonderful companion.