My Story

 I was born in Hawaii and grew up in England from the age of 5 and stayed for most of my adult life. This is where I truly learned about my love for labs and how the English did them with such beauty! 
By the time I was 22 years old I had all 4 of my kids, and at the age of 35 , in 2000 we all moved to Sardinia, Italy which is where I got my very first purebred lab from England with the gorgeous SandyLand Lines. She was in our family for a long 14 years and was truly the start of it all!  

 I saw my first Labradoodle when I moved to back to America in 2007 and I instantly fell in love! Our beautiful Stella had her first litter shortly after, with a standard poodle. 
One of those puppies was given to another breeder who is a dear friend of mine with the promise that one day we will get a girl back from her, which is where we got Lulu!